LED Light Strips - RED 48" Flexible IP68 Ultra High Power Part # 264703RD

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RECON Part # 264703RD - 48" Flexible IP68 Waterproof LED Light Strips with Ultra High Power Proprietary CREE X-LEDs (2-Piece Set) - RED

Each package contains two LED light strips of equal length as noted above.

Every 12" or 1 linear foot strip of LED's boasts the following specs:
Power: 6.25 Watts
Brightness: 565 lumens of intense light
Current: 285mA
Circuitry: Every 3 LEDs is a complete circuit so strips can be cut to reduce their length
Conclusion: RECON produces the best & brightest waterproof IP68 flexible LED light strip

Get Lit w/ RECON Today & Never Be Left In The Dark Again!