Tail Lights 14-16 Chevy Silverado & 15-16 GMC Sierra Dually - RED SMOKED LED Part # 264238RBK

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Chevy Silverado 14-16 Smooth "OLED" Style LED Tail Lights - Fits all 3rd Gen Chevy Silverado models: Single Wheel & Dually 2014-2016 & Also Fits 3rd Gen GMC Sierra (Dually ONLY) 2015-2016 - Red Smoked Lens

This set of RECON's new smooth OLED Chevy Silverado tail lights do not come with LED reverse light bulbs. If you want white LED reverse light bulbs, please order QTY 1 of part # 264225WH which is a pair (2 bulbs) of 3-watt high-power LED reverse light bulbs. If you demand even more reverse light illumination, then choose QTY 1 of part # 264226WH which are also sold as a pair and boast 6 "punishing" watts of continuous LED reverse light illumination out of each bulb! These are the brightest LED reverse lights money can buy and work amazingly well in RECON's new 3rd Gen Chevy Silverado OLED Tail Lights!