Tail Lights Dodge RAM 13-17 - Smoked LED Part # 264236BK

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Dodge 2013-2016 RAM 1500 & 2014-2017 RAM 2500/3500 - Smoked Lens

This part number fits 13-17 1500 & 14-17 2500/3500 DODGE RAMS With Factory Installed LED Taillights. This set of RECON LED taillights does NOT come with LED reverse light bulbs. If you want white LED reverse light bulbs, please order QTY 2pcs of part # 264204WH

Alternatively, if you own a 13-17 1500 or a 14-17 2500/3500 DODGE RAM and wish to upgrade the reverse light bulbs to the most powerful LED reverse lights in the world, then upgrade to part # 264228WH. These are sold as a pair so you only need to order QTY of 1. Get Light w/ RECON Truck Accessories!!!